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Tips before hair transplantation

Tips before hair transplantation

Hair examination and analysis

Hair examination and analysis are important in order to determine the type of application that will be used in the transplant. Where the specialists will inform the patient of the appropriate application according to the results of the analyzes and also according to the composition of the hair.

  • Things to do before hair transplantation: You should take a diluent substance such as aspirin or alcohol at least 72 hours before the hair transplant procedure, and you should also not be hungry and wear a button-down shirt .. It is better to bring a hat or a handkerchief …
  • The latest hair transplantation techniques: The technique of hair transplantation and the technique, if applied correctly, are considered at the forefront of the techniques used in hair transplantation .. The Vio method is considered one of the preferred methods as it does not leave traces or any bleeding as mentioned in other paragraphs on our website ..
    Things to know about hair transplantation: Before hair transplantation, blood tests must be done and blood pressure measured, and the hair area is shaved before the operation, the area from which the hair roots will be taken is sterilized, then the local anesthetic is applied and the hair roots are then removed and planted. You will not feel pain due to the effect of local anesthetic. Hair transplantation should be done based on the shape of the person’s face and in proportion to that …
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