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We here at Next Group For Medical Tourism are working hard to achieve the dream of restoring and preserving youth through what we provide you with the highest levels of medical care, free consultations and integrated medical support by a team of qualified and experienced people in the field of hair transplantation and care.

Hair transplantation stages

Hair transplantation requires three consecutive days, from the initial consultation to the hair wash session.

Hair Transplant Day The hair transplant process takes approximately 8 hours to complete from the front line design to the end of the process, with a short break separating the stages.

Hair Transplant Techniques

With the latest international technologies used, hair transplants are performed at Royal Medicine İstanbul, Choi Pens (DHI), and Ambassador Technology. And manual extraction technique (FUE), and using the latest methods of anesthesia without pain
Anesthesia Machine without pain
Anesthesia Machine without pain
The technique of anesthesia without pain in hair transplantation is a compact device that works by pressing a button located in the device, and works to pump up to 0.5 ml / 50 units of any liquid medicine under the skin by injecting a narrow, high-speed jet that penetrates the skin in less than a third The second is without causing any pain and appears effective in a short period.
SAPPHIRE Technology
SAPPHIRE Technology
Thanks to Ambassador technology, hair transplant channels are best opened. As the sapphire device opens the hair channels with diameters ranging from 1.0 – 1.3 – 1.5 mm, which allows the doctor to open more and closer channels, which makes the hair appear more dense.

Picking Technique (FUE)
Picking Technique (FUE)
The latest innovations and scientific studies in the field of cosmetology, especially hair transplantation has adopted the latest technology in this field, which is called hair transplantation FUE technique, due to its multiple advantages compared to the technology of hair transplantation by slide, so we will inform you about the details of this technology in terms of its concept, advantages and procedures, and how we We adopt it as a modern technology preferred by specialist doctors worldwide.
Choi Pens Technology (DHI)
Choi Pens Technology (DHI)
The method of Choi pens basically depends on the abbreviation of the stage of opening the channels where the follicles that were extracted are placed in the stage of picking with the tip of the pen and then the channel is opened and implantation of the bulb with the same head and with one click, but the maximum coverage was 2500 follicles and takes a long time about 9 hours, either Today this technology has been developed by our medical staff so that the maximum coverage has become about 5,000 bulbs and a much faster time about 5 hours.

How Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a non-surgical process in which hair follicles are transported from a region in the body called – the donor area – and then transplanted into the area to be treated for baldness which is known as – the reddiving area – and hair transplantation depends on the strength of the donor area in the patient as it is one of the most important elements that depend on it The doctor decides in principle if the person is qualified to do the operation or not,
and many people wonder about what is the donor area and whether the transplanted hair grows and continues for life forever without being exposed again to the causes that were responsible for its loss from the beginning.

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