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Brighter Smile

Dental cosmetology is a cosmetic work aimed at improving the appearance of teeth, gums, or the method of occlusal teeth.

Dentistry at our center

Cosmetic dentistry is a cosmetic work that aims to improve the appearance of teeth, gums, or the method of occlusal teeth. Aesthetic work is different according to each case and each of them has treatment methods that may differ completely from others. Great and cannot be overlooked, which is the importance of dental work, in addition to obtaining healthy and beautiful teeth, dental safety is of great importance that may be absent from the minds of many people, including chewing food well, obtaining clear letter exits for sound pronunciation and speaking understandably This adds to the beautiful look and the smile Attractive increase your confidence and make you more popular life.

Dentistry at our center

Dental cosmetology, that part that has become a major focus of attention for many, despite the differences in those who wish to obtain cosmetic dentistry, women or men, and in different age groups, the beautiful appearance of the mouth full of small teeth aligned next to each other remains a goal that many seek to obtain,


Dental implants

With the technological development, dental implants have become the best option for replacing missing teeth. This method is considered the most successful today because it does not in any way affect the teeth and surrounding tissues. Dental implants compensate for the roots of missing teeth through braces of pure titanium, where the doctor first examines the patient’s mouth completely, does not differ much from routine checks, in addition to conducting cross-sectional jaws and panorama rays, in addition to blood tests to detect calcium and vitamin D levels . Dental implants have many conditions in order to be successful and the next patient on the dental implant process must have these conditions from them

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a cosmetic process that gives immediate results by installing scales on the tooth that last for many years. These scales change the shape, color and size of the teeth, in proportion to the patient’s jaw and mouth shape and there are several types of scales that are used in Dental plastic surgery, or the so-called Hollywood smile:

  • Porcelain: These are strong ceramic scales that are identical to the nature of the dental material, making it appear natural.
  • Lumineers: It is a type of porcelain in the form of a thin crust characterized by giving immediate and wonderful results.
  • Zirconia: It is a type of scales used to support and restore damaged teeth, and is characterized by its strength and hardness.

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