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It is a cosmetic operation to make the face appear more youthful. Thanks to this process, sagging or folds of skin on the cheeks and jaw and other changes in the shape of the face that occur with age are eliminated.


As the days go by, our faces ga through many changes that can lead to wrinkles, sagging face and loss of youthfulness Facelift is a cosmetic surgical treatment with which you can correct annoying age-related changes, and return to a vibrant youthful face again. Facelift surgery in Turkey deals with the treatment of wrinkles of the jaw line – and the fat accumulated around the neck – and the lines around the eyelids and mouth, as well as the forehead.

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Is a face-lift surgery right for me?Patients – men and women – who
wish to correct the signs of aging on the face and neck are good
candidates for face-lift surgery in Istanbul.
To be a good candidate for face lift surgery, you must meet the
following criteria:
• Realistic goals about facial plastic surgery
• Flabby complexion
• Wrinkles around the nose, mouth, or eyes

In facial plastic surgery, a plastic surgeon in Turkey will place an
incision above the hairline, extending it toward the ear to the bottom of
the facial line behind the ear.
The doctor separates the skin from the fat, the muscles, then the
underlying muscles are tightened, the skin is reshaped and the excess
skin is removed.
The surgery is performed under local or generalinesthesia and the
surgery takes 2 to 4 hours.
The doctor will then wrap your head with bandages to keep wounds
from bruises and swelling, and then remove the bandage and replace it
the next day.

Instructions to observe 1 week before surgery:
• It is necessary to discontinue all nicotine and alcohol products a
week before surgery.
• Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as (Provin) and
• Avoid taking vitamin E or any of the various vitamins.
Instructions to observe on the day of surgery:
Patients will be given anesthesia during the procedure so they
should not plan to drive alone

What to expect after face lift surgery:
• Although you will have slight and limited pain, you must have a
friend or family member to accompany you after the operation.
•  Having someone who helps you in your daily activities can help
speed up the healing process.

Physical condition:
During the first weeks, depending on the doctor’s instructions, only walking and light stretching are the physical activities that are allowed to be
practiced during this stage.
• You should refrain from heavy exercise, housework and sexual activity in the first two weeks after surgery.
• Avoid bending or lifting for one week.
Sleep with your head elevated for 1-2 weeks after surgery. Place two or three pillows under the mattress head and one two on top.
• Do not sleep on your face … keep sleeping on your back for 2 weeks.
• You can sit on a recliningchair at a 45-degree angle.
• After general anesthesia, the focus should be on taking adequate fluids. You should consume plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and
• Adding raw fruit to your daily diet will help you avoid constipation.
Refrain from smoking to promote healing faster.

• Plastic surgeons in Turkey offer a specific and thoughtful recovery plan during your first consultation.
• For the first few days, you can relieve any pain or discomfort with the simple described analgesics. The swelling usually lasts for three days and
improves over three weeks.
• During the recovery period for a face-lift surgery, you should raise your head in order to reduce swelling.
• Many patients choose to sleep on a chair or support their bed with two pillows.

Results vary according to the nature of the skin and age. But as soon as the swelling goes down, you will be able to see the results of the operation.


International patients who travel to Turkey for plastic surgery will be able to save significantly due to the reasonable cost of cosmetic treatments
against international standards.
The low cost of living, the high exchange rate against the US dollar and the euro as well as lower overhead costs are the most important reasons that
attract UK and European patients for plastic surgery in Turkey.
Actually, traveling to Turkey for a facelift surgery will save you up to 70 percent of the treatment value.
At Next Group, provide services as an integrated package that you can take advantage of, including the cost of treatment, airport
transfers to the clinic and the hotel, accommodation in addition to interpretation services.

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