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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is performed by injecting fat taken from another part of the body in the form of stem cells and injecting them into the breast tissue or implanted.
This process is also called breast implants.

Breast augmentation

Women who believe that their breasts are small for a genetic reason, or who have experienced small breasts after pregnancy, or who have been cured of breast cancer, can perform a breast augmentation operation, which is done either by placing a silicone filler inside the breast tissue or by injecting breast fat. Breast augmentation surgery, which is considered one of the most popular surgeries performed in Turkey with the latest technology, aims to give women the appearance of the breasts that they want.

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding causę sagging breasts remarkably. Likewise, changes in weight and aging are among the factors that cause breast
sagging. Many people mistakenly believe that breast augmentation is the root solution to breast sagging, which is completely wrong, as breast lift is
the best surgical solution for breast sagging, but to enhance the results it is recommended that breast augmentation be performed as well. Thanks to
the experience of our plastic surgeons, you can have a breast augmentation process including breast augmentation and lifting at the same time,
which enhances the beauty of the breast and gives you a more charming and attractive female character.

Breast augmentation is usually performed under the influence of total anesthesia, where the surgeon performs the agreed and predetermined
surgical incision, and then creates an area under the chest muscles that is sufficient to place the tissue filling, using a surgical endoscope equipped
with a camera that allows you to see all the fine details during the course of the surgery.Placing the tissue pad under the chest muscles (not the top)
helps to give the breast a look and feel just like normal, and the tissue pad is an outer covering of silicone rubber containing sterile saline, which is the
latest tissue design that is used in the field of breast augmentation, especially the saline solution can be adjusted to ensure the required breast size is
obtained, and the texture of these fillings is exactly the same as the texture of the normal breast tissue.
In order for surgeons to have the opportunity to locate the surgical incision required for the breast augmentation process, you can choose between
these incisions according to your aswirations and personal preferences, while emphasizing that our plastic surgeons are fully skilled and professional
in dealing with any surgical incision that you may want. The center makes you the owner, after the cosmetic surgeon explains all the details related
to each surgical incision separately, and clarifies the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, we do not impose on our customers a specific
option as some other centers may do, in the end we strive to meet your aspirations and desires because we are simply the best cosmetic center in The
field of breast augmentation and plastic surgery in Turkey.

Our aesthetic center is keen to ensure the achievement of the best results that meet the aspirations and desires of its clients who have trusted it as
the best center in Turkey for breast augmentation and cosmetic operations. From this point of view and to achieve the best possible results that the
center is famous for, it is advised to follow the following tips and instructions ..
• Commit to negative rest for several days, and avoid bending forward or carrying heavy weights.
• Avoid any heavy physical exercise or exercise for a month from the date of surgery.
• Wearing a sports bra is recommended, to give the breast adequate support, and to ensure its stability in a comfortable position.
• Breast pain and swelling are a common symptom in the first two weeks after surgery, which is completely normal. In this regard, we recommend
adhering to drug therapy, which usually includes some pain relievers and anti-swelling, as well as antibiotics.
• For surgical scars at the site of the surgical incision, you will notice that it is largely visible and visible at first, but later on, over time it will
gradually fade. It is also advised to use topical ointments and cosmetic creams that promote tissue healing and hide surgical scars.
• Quit smoking for at least 3 weeks.
• If you feel an increased pain than usual or a rise in temperature, you must return to your examination and assessment of your condition,
knowing that we will provide you with all means of communication available to us, and we will also be in constant contact with you during the
recovery period until reaching the stage of full recovery. Our relationship with our clients is extended and does not end at the moment of
departure, as some do.

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