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Backside Beautification

It is a process that aims to highlight the stern, and make it have an attractive circular shape, which contributes to the treatment of the inconsistent form from which the stern suffers

Backside Beautification

Neck tightening enhances the appearance of the neck by tightening the underlying skin and muscles and improving jaw circumference. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with liposuction, face-lift, or cheeks tightening, but it can also be done as a standalone procedure without the need for any other complementary measures.

It is a process that aims to highlight the stern, and make it have an attractive circular shape, which contributes to the treatment of the inconsistent
form from which the stern suffers, as the stern may be suffering from an asymmetry, that there is a larger side of the other side, then the solution is to
resort to a plastic surgery The ass, as the female may be suffering from the small size of the butt, or feel that the butt is flabby, and is not attractive
in appearance, so the plastic surgery of the ass works to solve all these problems, and make the ass with a wonderful female form.

• Those without any health symptoms that prevent them from undergoing this type of operation.
• People with an inconsistent backside have one side smaller than the other.
• People with atrophy of the buttocks make its shape inconsistent.
• Those who suffer from small size of the rear, and want to enlarge.
• Those who suffer from a prolapse of the back due to the slouch.
• Those who do not plan to lose weight in the future, because losing weight after performing this type of operation may make the results of the
operation disappear when the fat that has been injected in the rear is lost.
• Those who expect realistic expectations for this process, and this will be explained to you by the specialist.
• Mechanism of application of the plastic surgery in Turkey
• There are two techniques that can be followed in performing a plastic surgery in Turkey, and we will deal with each technique in detail, as

Just as the breasts are enlarged with silicone implants, the butt can also be embellished with silicone implants, and they are phased in the following

The doctor makes a complete examination on the butt area so that he understands the nature of the problem you are experiencing at the rear, do you
suffer from inconsistencies, small size, or any other problem, and will determine the mechanism by which this problem will be dealt with, as the
doctor will ask you at this stage There are also a number of different medical analyzes so that he can ensure that you do not have any health
contraindications that will make you ineligible to perform this procedure.

After you are qualified to do the operation, a date will be set for the operation, and you will be asked to sleep on your stomach, and this is normal
because the process will take place at the back, and then you will be fully anesthetized.

The specialist doctor in the lower area of the buttocks will slit a small opening with a surgical scalpel, and he will use a silicone filling to insert it in the
rear, and the filling will be bent until it is easily crossed from this small hole, and then it will be folded back inside the rear, and this silicone filling is
placed either Directly under the skin, or muscles, this is determined by what the doctor deems appropriate for your condition.

After completing the process, you will be waiting until you wake up from the anesthesia, making sure that you have fully recovered your
consciousness, and you will only be allowed to go after you have been subject to the health note, and making sure that you are in good health with
which you can go home.

Since we have talked about the rear enlargement process based on silicone gaskets, we must make it clear that they are completely safe, and
authorized by the use of these gaskets by drug agencies, and global health, so there is no risk from using them, as they do not interact in the body,
and the distinctive in these fillings that with it it does not become clear that there is something strange inside the body, and this is because they have
a natural feel just like fat. There are many of these fillings, of shapes and sizes, and each case has the shape and size that suits it, so plastic surgeons
in this case determine for each patient the shape that is consistent with the patient’s body, and wishes to obtain it.

This technique is completely different from the technology that preceded it, in which the doctor does not resort to injecting strange silicone gaskets
on the patient’s body, but resorting to injection of fats that he takes from the body itself, depending on the Pfizer device that works on liposuction, the advantage of this technique is that the fats that are grown The body is not alien to it, so it is highly safe and does not cause any public health

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