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Simple steps to avoid hair loss

Simple steps to avoid hair loss

Prevention is better than treatment, and because hair loss is one of the main problems that most people currently suffer from, we are here in Bosphorus Hair Turkey, we seek to take care of everything that matters to your health and we try all the time to give you the medical care that you need. By our experts to prevent hair loss and get rid of it completely if you suffer from it.

According to recent studies and opinions of all health experts in the world, hair, like any other organ in the human body, needs excellent care from us in order for it to be strong and healthy:

A healthy body means healthy hair.

One of the most important advice advised by our experts is to stay away as much as possible or to avoid using hair dryers and straightening or curling machines that work on heat.

Drying the hair with a towel is the ideal solution to preserve the hair, but if you are in a hurry and it is necessary to use a hair dryer, it is desirable to use it at a low temperature and after using a protective heat cream for the hair.

One of the factors for hair loss is the use of various types of commercial shampoos, which usually have more harm than good because they contain harmful chemicals.

Our experts advise you to use a shampoo that is free of harmful chemicals.

Today we suggest you try the shampoo from NHTLab, because it contains nutrients that nourish the hair follicle and at the same time it contains a moisturizer to protect the hair from drying out.

Healthy hair in a healthy body and nutrition is the first solution to get healthy and healthy hair Bosphorus Hair Turkey experts advise you of the following:

No to diets without medical advice: an unhealthy diet is one of the factors that cause hair loss.

Eat a balanced food that contains the vegetables that the body and hair need.

Drinking two liters of water for two days also helps protect hair from falling out.

Take vitamins to help nourish the follicles of iron, zinc and biotin.

You can use the vitamins made by NHTLab, which contain all the nutrients needed by the hair. We also suggest to you in Bosphorus Hair Turkey that you use the sprays accompanying these medicines, which increase the scalp hydration by moving the blood circulation around the hair follicles, which means faster nutrition and a larger amount of hair, as these medicines do not require a prescription and are without any effects Sideways.

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