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Medical tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey

Millions of tourists from all over the world flock every year for medical tourism in Turkey.
Although Turkey is a first-class tourist country, it is also a strong competitor in the field of medical tourism.
Where Turkey is famous for its lakes and natural hot springs rich in sulfur, which is used to treat and prevent orthopedic and skin diseases.
It is also famous for the presence of a large number of medical centers specialized in treatment and beauty, equipped with excellent medical staff, and advanced and accurate medical equipment.

Advantages of medical tourism in Turkey

  • Turkey ranks sixth in the world for JCI in hospitals equipped with exacting standards.
  • The presence of natural healing eyes and springs that are taken care of by the Turkish government, and are used to heal skin diseases under medical supervision.
  • The presence of medical centers competing with the largest international centers, equipped with the latest medical machines, and the best cadres specialized in the field of cosmetics and treatment, most of whom have the ISO 9001 certificate.
  • Turkey has achieved international standards in the field of medical treatment with high efficiency.
  • The low cost of medical tourism in Turkey, compared to the rest of the European countries, despite the high quality, and amazing results, and this is what made medical tourism in Turkey very popular, and a global demand.
  • The presence of tourism companies organizing medical tourism in Turkey, and their interest in designing a therapeutic and recreational program, such as Next Real Estate Investment Group, which provides integrated services for tourists for treatment and entertainment together, in addition to that we deal with the best leading medical centers, and provide our customers with the service of choosing the appropriate medical center.
    We also provide all the services that the tourist needs, from flight reservations, to receiving him at the airport, and delivery service by private cars to and from the hotel or medical center.
    In addition to preparing an entertainment program to visit the tourist places in Istanbul during the treatment period, so that the treatment becomes more useful and feasible.

Medical services in Turkey

  • Turkey has gained great fame in hair transplantation, hair transplantation, whether scalp, beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes, using the best and latest techniques of transplantation, and obtaining 100% guaranteed results.
    According to statistics published by Anadolu Agency, medical tourism revenues from hair transplantation in 2019 amounted to $100 billion.
  • Eye diseases of all kinds, especially vision correction using laser and femto.
  • Dental surgery and cosmetic, dental implants without pain, and Hollywood smile, most Arab celebrities made their charming smiles in Turkish medical centers.
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Internal medicine and general surgery
  • Diseases and surgery of the ear, nose and throat
  • Women disease
  • Diseases and Neurosurgery
  • Various skin diseases
  • Plastic surgeries of various kinds, which are divided into:
    _ Facelift: eyelid tightening, face and neck sagging, eyebrow lift, wrinkle concealment, and even nose or ear reduction.
    _ Body beautification: tighten sagging and remove cellulite, and accumulated fat anywhere in the body, to get an attractive appearance.
    Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve surgeries, for patients who are overweight.
  • Prosthetics industry.

Turkey has managed to withstand global competition in the field of medical tourism
Turkey has gained popularity in the field of cosmetology thanks to the outstanding performance of doctors, and achieving excellent results,

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