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Tips after hair transplantation

Tips after hair transplantation
  1. You must know that the hair roots will begin to grow gradually after 3 months and up to eight months to fully grow …
  2. What is expected to be accomplished after the transplant? You must follow the doctor’s advice.
  3. When will the hair begin to grow after the transplant? You should know that the roots of hair cells will begin to grow gradually from the third month onwards to the eighth month.
  4. Will I lose my transplanted hair again? You may lose some transplanted hair as a result of breaking it, but in any case, the hair roots enable hair to grow again within ninety days.
  5. Is it possible to go on vacation or on a trip after the operation? You can easily go on a trip on your vacation day, according to the time allocated by the doctor to you and his advice because the hair transplant process is not that dangerous.
  6. What medications will I use after hair transplantation? As for the medicines that you will use and how to use them, it will be explained by the doctor after the operation.
  7. What will my daily life look like after the operation? Hair transplantation is not an operation that will affect your life greatly. In any case, you will feel the difference in appearance from 4 to 5 days …
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