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Why is Turkey the best in hair transplantation?

Why is Turkey the best in hair transplantation?

Whenever you move in Istanbul, you will find men and women with red dots on their heads scattered all over Turkey, those red dots are evidence that they have recently undergone a hair transplant in Turkey.

Istanbul is on its way to become one of the largest hair transplant centers in the world. By increasing the time, the number of women refugees in hair surgeries is increasing, so the goal is always to improve the overall appearance, gain self-confidence, etc.

There are many methods of hair transplantation, but the most important and most famous of these these days is the (FUE) method, which is the method of placing hair follicles under the patient’s skin, and the advantages of this method are that it does not need surgery and does not result in bleeding, as well as the duration of recovery is less than other methods.

This method is also found in hair transplant centers in Turkey.

Turkey is now one of the first countries in the world worldwide in the science of hair transplantation surgery, whether for men or women. According to a global study that was conducted in the hair transplant surgery community in 2010, there are 923 (nine hundred and twenty-three thousand) hair transplant surgery performed worldwide at a cost of about $ 1.8 billion.

Of course, Turkey is one of the strongest players in this field.

Why is this industry growing in Turkey in such a promising way?

The answer comes at eight points. Prices always have the first word. Technologies in Turkey are more advanced. High competitiveness in the Turkish market. Comprehensive group offers in Turkey. The best surgeons. What is the meaning of the waiting list? Whatever it is, it is not in Turkey. Turkey’s geographical location is a unique tourist country

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