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The most beautiful tourist trips

The most beautiful tourist trips

Tourist trips in Turkey are distinguished by their great diversity, which allows to take trips in various seasons of the year, as excursions are not limited to summer holidays or New Year holidays, but distinct trips can be made at any time of the year, so every place in Turkey has a special character and a suitable climate for tourist trips .

Therefore, we are interested in providing many services for tourists coming to Turkey at any time of the year, with the possibility of providing offers for trips to Turkey in different seasons, so that they provide tourists with a special trip that suits the time of their visit to Turkey.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Tourist features:
One of the most important advantages of tourist trips in Turkey is that they are low-cost, with a medium budget can do a lot of activities and go out in many trips in Turkey, and some things can be done that reduce the operating cost of the trip, then a tourism company can be offered that provides appropriate offers and choose the most appropriate from Between shows.

Or the tourist himself chooses a place far away from the main tourist attractions, relying on the subway as an internal means of transportation, and eating in unpopular restaurants, all Turkish restaurants offer distinctive food, but the famous ones have higher prices than others, thus the basic cost in airline tickets is.

Best tourist cities in Turkey: Istanbul still maintains its tourist position in Turkey, it still receives the largest number of tourists coming to Turkey, as Istanbul is the most touristic city in Turkey; any tourist program for Turkey must include the largest possible number of trips in Istanbul, Then the rest of the trips are distributed to different cities, and the most prominent cities in which the tourist trips are distributed in Turkey are:

  • The most important things that attract tourists are seeing ancient artifacts, ancient Christian treasures, treasures of the Ottoman Sultans, and many possessions and weapons.
  • Also there are a lot of large frescoes and mosaic panels that warrant thinking about how to mount and remove them with that impressive picture.
  • The walls and floor of the Hagia Sophia Museum are also noticeable, with green decorated marble covering all parts.
  • The most impressive of the museum is its large domes, from the outside give the museum a majestic appearance, and from the inside the heads of visitors are attached to see the accuracy of the inscriptions, as well as the small windows that reach 40 nets, in light light colors, which reflect the different beauty of the museum from the inside.