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Bosphorus Strait

Bosphorus Strait

One of the distinctive trips that every tourist desires to come to Turkey is the Bosphorus Strait night trip, so the Bosphorus Strait is one of the most tourist places in Istanbul that attracts tourists, it is not only a waterway, but it is a view of many tourist and historical places in Istanbul.

Therefore, we prepare the night journey of the Bosphorus Strait so that you can enjoy spending the best outings in your life, and prepare the trip with everything that a tourist needs in his trip, because the trip is not just to enjoy the fresh air of the strait, but rather it turns with us for an integrated tourism trip in which the tourists see the most beautiful places in the charming city.

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Tourist places overlooking the Bosphorus Strait:
What is characteristic of the Bosphorus Strait night journey is that it allows the tourist to see the city’s sights from another direction and in colors that are not matched by other beauty. The most famous tourist places in Istanbul such as:

  • The Bosphorus Bridge: It is the most famous bridge in Istanbul, and seeing it at night dazzles the eyes with its flashing lights that attract many tourists to it.
  • Dolmah Bahçe Palace: It is the last of the Ottoman palaces, and is characterized by its large size, style, and rare decoration.
  • Jalmika Hill: It is a hill that allows the tourist to look at the largest part of his view of the big city, which takes a breathtaking view with the night light.
  • Galatasaray Island: It is an island in the middle of the Bosphorus, and has a wonderful view of the European part of the city.
  • The Girl’s Tower: It is one of the main features of the city, as it is the source of many legends shared by all Turks when visiting it.

Some of the night trips include going down to the tourist places and touring them, so the tourists can take pictures inside those places and learn about a brief summary of its history, and this type of trip is the duration of the trip more than the regular trips that start in the natural from seven in the evening until the twelfth midnight, As for trips where tourists visit the sights overlooking the Bosphorus, his journey starts from morning to evening.