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Belgrade forest trip

Belgrade forest trip

To everyone who loves nature and its charm, complete details about the Belgrade forest

The best places for tourism are the Belgrade forest, camp lovers, and green scenes in the world, especially the Turkish forests of Belgrade, where these forests are distinguished by their number of forests and green areas that make them one of the most wonderful places in Turkey. For tourism and a special holiday full of comfort and calm.

Belgrade forests are also considered one of the most important forests in Turkey in general, and in Istanbul in particular, access to the Belgrade Forest, where it is considered one of the most beautiful forests in Istanbul, which is distinguished by the ancient city from the rest of the other Turkish tourist cities

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Location and area of ​​the Belgrade forest:
Forests are located in the European section of the historical city of Istanbul, where the Belgrade Forest is a site that extends forests along the entire eastern coast of the Bosphorus Strait until it reaches the Black Sea region from the northern part. Belgrade Forest is about 30 minutes from Istanbul, about 30 minutes from Istanbul
The Belgrade forests are considered to be one of the largest forests in the city, where the area of ​​the Belgrade Forest extends around 5300 hectares and is considered one of the Turkish natural reserves as it is the largest and broadest green area in Istanbul and contains a huge number of plants up to 2000 different species and also has a green cover of large trees, among them an example (Oak trees, beech trees, chestnut trees), Belgrade forests also have a large number of different birds and animals, and forests also have a number of charming and breathtaking lakes.
The Belgrade forests are distinguished as being one of the best places to practice various activities, recreational and sports of all kinds, such as walking and jogging, as well as outdoor sports riding bicycles and wide green spaces among the trees amid the wonderful sounds of birds, where the forests are considered a suitable place for self-evacuation and enjoy sitting in an atmosphere of calm between Spectacular scenery on the banks of its beautiful lakes and rivers, in order to recover your energy and energy after the trouble.
Belgrade forests are superior to those in Europe by the large plant diversity, which includes more than 2500 species of plants and trees, as well as 11 gardens, including the Kerazlebet garden, a water park and Fatih Rafiqi Atay Park, and the Belgrade forest contains a number of nurseries, which are preferred to visit them