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Information about hair transplantation for women

Information about hair transplantation for women

Hair transplantation for women has become the only solution for women to get rid of baldness, and many operations have been performed for women at the Bosphorus Hair Center, and they were 100% successful, and most of the operations were to reduce the forehead and the women who performed them were very satisfied with the results of the operation.

Hair loss is one of the problems that women often face, for several reasons, such as aging, disease, or hormonal changes that occur after menopause.

Women often use medicinal preparations to try to stop hair loss or wear wigs.

But with the continuing hair loss, an imbalance in hair density results in the scalp, and it becomes possible to notice areas of partial baldness, especially in the area of ​​the top of the head and the forehead.

In the event that hair continues to fall out, hair transplantation remains the most effective solution to cover the area exposed to baldness, as neither medical nor cosmetic preparations are able to regrow hair.

Many believe that hair transplantation is a matter for men only, but it is possible for women as well, and it is performed under normal conditions and condition, and the strong roots are extracted from the area behind the head to be transplanted into the area that suffers from baldness.

Among the advantages of the technique used in hair transplantation for women is the possibility of performing the transplant for women without the need for their hair to be cut or shortened.

The specialist removes hair from the area from which he will take hair roots from the back of the head. And after hair transplantation, it will not be possible to notice any defects in the hair of women.

As for hair density, it has become possible to ensure that women have thickened hair as required. If there are any questions about hair transplantation for women, do not hesitate to contact the medical advisor for free, and be very confident that we respect and preserve your privacy.

Rest assured that our staff will live up to the responsibility you have given us.

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