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Hair loss and its causes

Hair loss and its causes

Hair loss is a problem that plagues everyone psychologically and nervously, as hair is the crown of beauty and losing it may significantly affect a person’s appearance, and sometimes even lead to a loss of self-confidence.

The problem of hair loss lies in the neglect of some people from the state of health and leaving it to the point of falling out. Therefore, any changes that may occur to the hair, whether in terms of density or general appearance, must be noticed. Hair, like the skin and nails, reflects the health of the human body, and its fall means the presence of an imbalance that must be addressed immediately in order not to aggravate the matter.

It must be taken into account that hair loss is sometimes natural, so there is no need for concern at that time unless the amount of hair loss continues to increase, and only here is the medical intervention to find out the cause of the loss.

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