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Lake Sapanca trip

Lake Sapanca trip

Lake Sapanca trip and lush waterfalls in Turkey is one of the most important trips that are increasingly in demand in summer holidays, as Sapanca Lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Turkey, which is of interest to most Arab tourists, Lake Sapanca is located within walking distance from the city of Istanbul, where it separates it About Istanbul about 135 km, and the lake belongs to the city of Sakarya, and Izmit is located on the border between Bin Sakarya and Istanbul.

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The lake and the surrounding area are characterized by abundant natural scenery, and there are also many distinctive tourist resorts and luxurious hotels and great guesthouses, which are ideal for family holidays and honeymoon trips.

details of the trip:

When departing on a trip to Sapanca Lake and lush waterfalls, the trip will ensure visiting many tourist and natural places, as it is a region rich in tourist attractions, and the trip will include the following:

  • Kartepe Mountain: It is a natural forest area that is distinguished by the region, and it is directed at the beginning of the trip to charge tourists with energy, where they can wander between the arms of nature, and in the winter season, tourists prefer to climb on top of skiing.
  • Dariga Zoo: It is one of the largest zoos in Turkey, and includes more than 200 species of animals and reptiles, and more than 20 species of marine animals, along with dozens of species of wild birds in addition to a large number of plants and trees, which means that it is a comprehensive tour that merges between Bird gardens, zoos and even marine aquarium.
  • Sapanca Lake: Heading to the lake for lunch in several restaurants that circumvent the lake, after which small boats can be enjoyed inside the lake, which helps to relax as much as possible.
  • Mashouq Waterfalls: It is one of the most distinctive stations of the journey, where you can freely roam between the pure nature that covers every point in the place, where green spaces and trees are spread in a view that relaxes the eyes, and wandering among the waterfalls that flow between the stones, producing a calming voice.
  • Viaport Shopping Center: At the end of the trip, tourists can spend a short time shopping, which is an ideal opportunity to purchase souvenirs, as the mall has many stores and many products.
  • A lake sapanca trip and lush waterfalls can be organized with a group of tourists or a private trip. A car rental can be requested with an Arabic speaking driver or with a tour guide.